Keep Lakewood On A Roll By Voting FOR Issue 64

To the Editor:
Lakewood is on a roll due in large part to the wisdom of her residents. The schools are strong, which contributes to making the housing market one of the hottest in the region. We have lovely parks and a wonderful arts community. The vision of responsible city leaders, together with the hard work of residents, has made that happen.
Issue 64 challenges our community to do the right thing yet again. A vote FOR Issue 64 affirms the healthcare transformation plan already underway and ensures Lakewood keeps the benefits: a new, state-of-the-art medical center; uninterrupted emergency care available all day, every day; keeping dozens of high-quality health services in our downtown for decades to come; and more than $120 million invested in Lakewood – at no cost to taxpayers!
Many residents thought this matter resolved with the November 2015 election when voters reelected Mayor Summers by a wide margin and rejected a charter amendment intended to block the healthcare plan. (Voters also reelected Councilmembers who supported the plan.) Voters realized that without action, the hospital would close on its own, shut down all health care services, and leave taxpayers an expensive bill for a big, empty building in the downtown. No thanks.
Voters showed wisdom in 2015 and should stay the course in 2016 by voting FOR Issue 64, to keep high quality healthcare in Lakewood and to protect taxpayers. That's the best way to keep the good thing rolling in our beloved city.
Chuck Shaughnessy

Chuck Shaughnessy

Chuck Shaughnessy is a lifelong Lakewood resident, proud father, and consistent voter.

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Volume 12, Issue 22, Posted 5:52 PM, 10.25.2016