Improving On A Wrong

The beautiful homes were torn down over 50 years ago. All the sidewalks and trees were removed. The neighborhood was torn in half.

In return, the State of Ohio put in a four lane highway. For a ½ mile on Clifton Boulevard all you see is concrete and grass. The residences who must look at this disgusting view put up fences.

The State of Ohio never put in sidewalks or trees or anything to help beautify what they did. Nobody walks this ½ mile of Clifton Boulevard in Lakewood. The State refused to put in a north/south crosswalk.

They intentionally split Clifton Park in half. The casual walk to visit a neighbor a few houses away can now be a mile walk.

A neighborhood organization, CBIA, whose  vision is to turn this four lane highway into a two lane road with bike paths, sidewalks, a north/south crosswalk and beautiful landscaping, has been working towards this goal for three and one half years. Finally the Ohio Department of Transportation has given the road and permission to the City of Lakewood to do this project. Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency has more than supported this plan from the beginning. The City of Lakewood and Mayor Summers have agreed to start phase one of this project in the spring of 2017.

Phase one would change the road to one lane of traffic and a 10-foot bike lane on both sides of Clifton Boulevard. The money needed for stripping the road to make the required changes will be presented to City Council for the 2017 budget.

Eventually sidewalks, trees, landscaping and a beautiful sign that welcomes visitors to the City of Lakewood and Historic Clifton Park will be put up at this western entrance to Lakewood.

We hope and believe this project will bring bike safety, walkability, and even more pride to the residents of Lakewood!

Constance Mansell, Tom Feser

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Volume 12, Issue 22, Posted 5:52 PM, 10.25.2016