City Hall And An Irresponsible Deal

Those at Lakewood City Hall have stolen our hospital and the millions of dollars connected with it.

Where did our hospital’s equipment go? Stolen by the Clinic!

Who speaks for those who need major health medicine? Not City Hall!

Who will help those with emergency conditions to pay for two ambulance rides (or a helicopter ride to the Clinic’s east side location? Not City Hall or the Clinic!

Who is responsible for delayed medical treatment? City Hall & the Clinic.

What can the voter do to change the deal? Vote Against Issue 64. The voters will make the difference.

What will voting Against the DEAL accomplish? New negotiations and better medical care. There can be better medical services in the future.



Barbara K. Coleman

Retired school librarian - Emerson Lakewood resident since 1957. Volunteer at Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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Volume 12, Issue 22, Posted 5:52 PM, 10.25.2016