Build Lakewood Is Still Alive And Kicking

To the Editor:

Bill Mager, in his article “Lakewood Insiders Rebrand...“ in the August 16th edition, was wrong.               

Build Lakewood is alive and well, still working to educate Lakewood residents on health care and development opportunities, all important for the future of our city.

Last year, we saw in our personal lives and in regional statistics that health care delivery was changing. 

Chronic diseases and community health issues would be better served by a new family medical center and a 24/7 state-of-the-art Emergency Room than unused beds at Lakewood Hospital.

Placing this new family medical center across the street from the former hospital would free up six acres of land for tax paying business development. 

We led the citizen effort for this to happen. And it is.

No, Build Lakewood is not going away.

Yes, there is a citizen referendum on the November ballot which would put a roadblock in front of Lakewood’s future, stalling progress that has already been agreed upon by Lakewood voters, and voted on unanimously by Lakewood City Council.

Yes, a new citizen group “Lakewood Voters for Progress” has been formed to educate the voters that we all need to vote FOR the ordinance that Lakewood City Council passed unanimously in December.  And, Build Lakewood unequivocally supports this effort.

Lakewood’s future is bright. Our residents and our children depend upon it.  Build Lakewood intends to play a part in making it even brighter.


Pam Smith, Build Lakewood Chair

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Volume 12, Issue 18, Posted 4:10 PM, 08.30.2016