Support For Linda Beebe's Letter To The Editor

To the Editor:

I am writing in full support of Linda Beebe’s recent letter in which she expressed full support for the Lakewood City Council vote which preserves dozens of medical services in the heart of Lakewood’s downtown by eliminating the current 108-year-old building and replacing it with a state-of-the-art family health center. Without that change, Lakewood residents would be left with nothing: no medical services, no money for community health, and a costly, empty building in our downtown.  

There is no downside to this plan. As a registered nurse, I see the way health care has been trending from an inpatient model toward an outpatient model.  This plan will meet the health care needs of Lakewood residents under the leadership and clinically excellent standards of the Cleveland Clinic.

Voters should understand: the hospital already closed this February and the referendum can’t reopen it. All northeast Ohio health systems have said they will not run an inpatient hospital in Lakewood.

I urge Lakewood voters to vote For upholding Lakewood City Council’s ordinance to preserve dozens of medical services in the heart of Lakewood for decades to come.  


Lisa Carrigan Tomm

Lisa Tomm

Lisa Tomm is a Registered Nurse and Lakewood resident.

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Volume 12, Issue 17, Posted 10:25 PM, 08.16.2016