Let's Move Forward, Not Look Back

The drama concerning the future of Lakewood Hospital continues even though it should have been resolved with the election results last November. Voters re-elected Mayor Mike Summers, an opponent of the proposed referendum, and defeated Issue 64 which would have forced a vote of the people before any decisions could be made regarding the hospital.

In December after lengthy consideration, Lakewood City Council voted unanimously to approve the Cleveland Clinic proposal to replace the aging Lakewood Hospital inpatient facility with a state-of-the-art Family Health Center which would include a full service emergency room. 

In response, Save Lakewood Hospital issued petitions for a second referendum to reverse the City Council vote, even though an enforceable contract with Cleveland Clinic has been signed. That referendum is again on the fall ballot. Public comments and flyers in support posted about the community from the Save Lakewood Hospital organization are brimming with undocumented allegations. 

It is my hope that Lakewood voters will carefully consider the consequences associated with this expensive and pointless referendum and choose to move forward with a modern facility. I urge Lakewood voters to vote for progress and defeat the second referendum on this issue as they did the first one.  

Member of and candidate for re-election to the Lakewood Board of education. 

Linda Beebe

Linda G. Beebe

Member of and candidate for re-election to the Lakewood Board of education.

My qualifications for serving on the Board of Education are broad and varied.  I am a former teacher.  I taught English and history in middle and high school for 12 years – in Pennsylvania, in Scotland and in Lakewood.  My children Aaron and Megan went to Lakewood schools; my husband Dr. Bruce Beebe taught for 30 years in Lakewood High School; I was in the PTA and led a Girl Scout troop.  I have been an attorney for 33 years and have been active in community organizations for over 40 years.  I was COC Business person of the year in 1998. I have been honored by the Ohio School Boards Association as an outstanding board member. I am a member of the League of Women Voters and  the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce; I have set as a Trustee of the Lakewood Foundation, Lakewood Senior Citizens Inc. and the Barton Center Board of Trustees. I have served as President of the Lakewood Board of Education four times, and have been closely involved in the past 12 years in the Lakewood school facilities project that will culminate in the complete rebuilding of our school buildings – on budget and on time.

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Volume 12, Issue 16, Posted 6:37 PM, 08.02.2016