Lakewood Students Support LCAC's Spring Cleaning Event

Garfield students get into the spirit of giving!

If you think kids aren’t into cleaning, think again! This year, students at Garfield Middle School and Emerson Elementary School have joined forces to support Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation’s Spring Cleaning Drive. 

LCAC, aka the “food drive people,” annually distribute 600 food baskets to Lakewood residents during the winter holiday months. What many people don’t realize is that when spring arrives, LCAC switches gears to help provide a full array of cleaning supplies and hygiene items for 200 Lakewood families and seniors in need. These items are expensive and not covered by the WIC program.

Imagine the delight of LCAC’s volunteer board to discover that students at Garfield and Emerson were up to the challenge of collecting hundreds of items for the drive! According to Jeff Worron, president of the LCAC (and proud Garfield parent), given the number of families and seniors to which the supplies will be distributed, the combined efforts of Emerson and Garfield students will provide just about ALL of the toothpaste, toothbrushes, and paper towels needed for LCAC’s spring cleaning drive.   

A group of middle school students called “Garfield Gives,” spearheaded by PTSA President Regina Westlake, created the incentive for students to contribute. The reward for bringing in a toothbrush or toothpaste was a free can of pop or water at the school’s spring dance.

At Emerson, a club called “Emerson Cares” -- started by third grader, Margot King -- is collecting supplies for LCAC through April 29th. The 40 students in the club set a collection goal of 487 items, which equals one per Emerson student. They are requesting donations of toothpaste, toothbrushes, household cleansers, cleaning supplies (sponges, Brillo pads, etc.), and paper towels.

Emerson students also had the opportunity to participate in a “Paper Towel Rally Event,” organized by 5th grade teacher, Jessie Holland. If students brought in a paper towel roll, they could throw it at their teachers during a school assembly. This incentive was not only fun, but effective. It had quite an impact on both students and teachers alike!

To date, the two schools have collected approximately 250 toothbrushes, 125 tubes of toothpaste, over 150 cleansers and cleaning supplies, and more than 250 rolls of paper towels, with more to come!

Volunteers of all ages are always welcome at LCAC events! Join us in May to help sort and deliver these much needed cleaning supplies to Lakewood families and seniors. The Spring Cleaning Distribution event will occur at 9am on Saturday, May 7th in the rear parking lot of the Masonic Temple.

If you are interested in helping LCAC’s effort, please check our website -, or our Facebook page - (Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation) for more details.

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Volume 12, Issue 8, Posted 4:37 PM, 04.12.2016