What Is Old And New For Romantic Feburary

The pink building on Madison Ave used the XOXO theme for this month. We have been asked, "What does that mean?"

We liked the popular song that is out now as the inspiration - our meaning of hugs and kisses. So further research was done to add to our knowledge. The "x's" are ancient. When people were not able to read and write they used the "x" to sign impotant documents. To show more sincerity at that time they would kiss the "x". Now the "o's" are American. They were used by Jewish imigrants going through Elis Island instead of the x. Somehow when placed with the x, they became a symbol of a hug.

We hope you enjoy our XOXO decorations at Carabel Beauty Salon.

We supply the following gifts: heart pins and hair barrets. Also two new rose-scented produt-lines have been launched recently for hair. The Matrix line is for fine hair that needs volume. The Sexy product line is for color-treated hair.

Remember moms, sisters, daughters, wives, and partners on February 14.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 2:18 PM, 02.02.2016