Shop Local--It's Fun!

One of the benefits of shopping local is getting to know the shop owners and their unique background stories. A great example is the trio of shops on Detroit just east of Marlowe, between Namaste India Garden and Cotton. All three of the owners are pursuing life-long passions in the shops they operate.

The newest retailer to locate in Downtown Lakewood is Dave MacKay, who opened the doors to Action Toys at 14408 Detroit on November 17th. After 13 years in the printing industry, Dave decided to combine his desire to own his own business with his passion for movies, comics and action figures. His inventory includes GI Joe, Star Wars, Transformers, Walking Dead, Marvel and DC. The merchandise Dave stocks isn’t toys in the traditional sense of the word—his figures are of most interest as keepsakes and collections. Along with many of his customers, he views the figures as artwork—3D pieces that come off the pages of comics or movie screens. Sculptors who create the action figures have a fan following that collects the work of their favorite artists.

In the short time that he’s been open, Dave is finding great satisfaction in meeting other people who share his interests and in helping them locate just the right pieces for their collections. And if a 31” Darth Vader figure is on your gift list, now you can buy it in Lakewood!

Adjacent to Action Toys at 14406 Detroit a photographic artist began offering his works in July 2014. Images Photographic Gallery’s proprietor Dr. Marcello Mellino has been taking photographs all his life. The subject matter in his gallery differs from the pictures he took as a cardiologist, since those were taken inside his patients’ hearts! A visit to his gallery is like taking a vacation. Through his images, you can see a sunrise over the tranquil waters of Lake Erie, bask in the Florida sun, or stroll through a narrow street in Italy, Dr. Mellino’s birthplace. He has a gift for capturing emotion in his subjects, and an eye for composition that makes his photographs come to life. If you’ve been looking for something to ornament your wall, chances are you’ll find just the right thing at Images Gallery.

The third shop in the group at 14404 Detroit is House of Chinor, Lakewood’s entry into the world of haut couture (high fashion). Vincente Chinor’s artistry is the magic he works with fabric and design. Vincente pursued his career in art and fashion in Spain as a student of a designer from Christian Dior’s studio. Additional education added tailoring to his skills, and he combined both talents in his work in a fashion house in Miami. He returned to Cleveland ready to launch his own shop. Chinor offers ready-made garments that can be individually tailored, and will also design, sketch and sew an original creation. He buys fabric worldwide, and delights in making his customers look their best.  The mannequin in his window is the best-dressed woman in town!

Get to know the merchants who are eager to serve you--the investment, both financial and personal, they make in their businesses benefits our community in so many ways. Shop local and learn their stories!

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Volume 11, Issue 25, Posted 2:24 PM, 12.08.2015