Gifts That Are About Looking Good

This time of year major companies that market hair care products make stocking stuffer sizes. It is a time to try new things that are especially for hair texture, styling aids and improvments of hair condition. Travelers like these small sizes too. We suggest the mini tea tree soap as an aid to a better complexion. It is anti-bacterial and anti-itch. For people who like to work out it has a cooling effect.

Ear-piercing makes a lasting gift. The selection of earrings that can be used determine the price. Stainless steel, gold plated, and titanium are metals that are used and are offered in various colors, and novelty designs such as lady bugs and soccer balls are popular.

Gift certificates can be any dollar amount or comprised for a certain purpose. How about a nail-biters series of manicures with a nail growth stimulator used to show a way of breaking the habit.

Eyebrow-shaping with a lesson on application of a brow pomaid, or pencil is another idea. Hair accesories can be useful, colorful, basic or holiday special.

Some gifts just make life easier - consider hair detanglers or strong combs for long hair.

Little girls might enjoy our princess package gift certificate of a mini manicure, hairstyle, and a hair accessory which can be a tiara, headband, flower or barrette.

We are here to help with the gift-giving season at Carabel Beauty Salon & Store.

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Volume 11, Issue 24, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.24.2015