There Is More To Lakewood Than The Hospital Issue

Speculation about the future of Lakewood Hospital is the hottest topic in town - long time neighbors and friends are at odds, allegations have been made that the Clinic intentionally disinvested the facility, and mistrust of the decision making process is pervasive.

Clearly, this issue will not be resolved quickly. Residents are seeking more information, more transparency, and more input into what sort of health care delivery model would best meet residents needs.

Meanwhile, everyday, city employees deliver city services to Lakewood residents. Garbage is picked up. A recycling program is expanded. Streets are resurfaced throughout the city. Police and fire crews respond quickly and professionally to all calls. Infrastructure improvements at Lakewood and Madison Parks are completed. Shoreline conservation is being explored. And, most importantly, these activities are taking place within the framework of a fiscally sound, balanced budget.

Lakewood is attracting a new generation of residents who value good schools, excellent parks, shopping, safety and livability.

There is little question that the current Mayor's leadership and management knowledge are largely responsible for the city's progress over the past four years.

The opponent to the current mayor has demonstrated a strong ability to advocate passionately for an issue he believes in. Effective advocacy is a hard learned skill. On the other hand, the opponent has not demonstrated the ability to manage a complex, mulit-issue organization, like a City.

I am going to vote for the skill set needed to maintain Lakewood's progress and stability. I trust the leadership demonstrated over the past four years to guide a resolution to the hospital issue that will honor the interests of Lakewood's residents.

Ruth Gillett

 Longtime Lakewood resident.

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Volume 11, Issue 22, Posted 2:57 PM, 10.27.2015