Re-Elect Samuel T. O'Leary For Ward 2 Council

Advocating and working on behalf of Ward 2 residents these past two years has been rewarding and inspiring. I’m asking for your support as I seek a full term as Ward 2 Council, to build on the successes we’ve already achieved, and to innovate solutions to the challenges we’re just beginning to identify and understand. From investments in our streets, sidewalks, and sewers, to exciting additions and renovations in Kauffman, Lakewood, and Madison parks, Lakewood remains a community on the move. However, as much as we change as a city, our community’s identity remains firmly rooted in our flourishing, vibrant, neighborhoods and thriving, local businesses. Lakewood’s most profound strength continues to be the dedicated, engaged, and talented people who live and work here.

Whether growing up in Lakewood as a kid and attending Lakewood City Schools, or later serving Lakewood on the Board of Zoning Appeals, or, most recently, while on Council, I’ve never ceased to be amazed by the ability of Lakewood’s residents to resolve differences and solve problems. I’ve tried to emulate those same qualities in my service on Council by focusing on pragmatic, solution-oriented approaches to topics ranging from minor nuisance to major issue. In addition to striving for responsive constituent service, I’ve made the livability and walkability of our neighborhoods a top priority by advocating for improvements to Kauffman Park and Lakewood Park and by introducing legislation to create a park by officially designating St. Charles Green.

I’ve also worked hard to ensure an objective and thorough review of the due diligence and issues surrounding Lakewood Hospital, acknowledging that the hospital’s present circumstances are challenged, and that the status quo is unsustainable, while at the same time advocating on behalf of the City of Lakewood and its residents for an outcome that meets the City’s health and economic needs, and holds all parties accountable to Lakewood residents. Even though this situation presents a great challenge, I know that, come what may, Lakewood will continue to provide health care in a way that is a testament to the generations of Lakewood philanthropists, activists, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters and paramedics, social workers and neighbors, who live the remarkable and unique commitment of Lakewood residents to care for one another.

It has truly been an honor to serve Lakewood and Ward 2 on City Council, and I humbly ask for your vote on November 3rd, so that together, we can continue to unlock Lakewood’s potential, and make the public safety, housing, and infrastructure investments that will make Lakewood successful in its next century.

Volume 11, Issue 21, Posted 4:17 PM, 10.13.2015