My Choice Is Mike Summers

I support Mike Summers for Mayor because I love Lakewood. Like many others, I was born in Lakewood, attended Lakewood Schools and am passionate about our community. I do not consider myself a political person and avoid affiliations with any one party. I am compelled to speak out today because I feel strongly about this candidate and how important his leadership is to the future of Lakewood.

Mike Summers is a man of integrity. As past coordinator of Lakewood’s H2O – Help to Others youth volunteer program, I had the privilege of serving under six mayors. I witnessed Mayor Summers successfully guide our city through tenuous financial times. He worked diligently with Lakewood Department of Human Services to make sure our senior citizens, youth and all populations of the community continued to receive much needed support. Mayor Summers constantly challenged city employees to find the best possible way to serve the public.

As a resident, I am grateful for the many housing and commercial improvements that have enhanced our city during Mike Summers’ tenure. It is no accident that people are taking notice of Lakewood. Progress like this requires complex negotiating skills. Summers 'gets' that people, and all the multi-layered connections between city/schools/churches/businesses/organizations, are what make Lakewood special. Under Mayor Summers’ leadership, Lakewood’s outstanding neighborhood potential will continue to thrive.

Last, but by no means least, Mike Summers has an excellent working relationship with Lakewood Police and Fire Departments, which is a huge benefit to us all. He has successfully demonstrated his commitment to safety and quality of life for all Lakewood residents. Re-elect Mayor Summers, so Lakewood continues to be the best place to live!

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Volume 11, Issue 18, Posted 1:57 PM, 09.01.2015