Illuminate A Memory And Light Up A Life

Now that Black Friday and the frantic frenzy of December's online shopping and mall hopping is in our rearview mirrors it's time to turn our thoughts toward that special Valentine.

This February 14th, "Illuminate A Memory" and give a gift that pays it forward. Sponsored by the Lakewood Commission on Aging and the Lakewood Foundation, the "Illuminate A Memory" program began as an annual project during the Christmas holiday. Throughout the season, donors make a $5 contribution in the name of a loved one. An ornamental dove is placed on a holiday tree at one of the Division of Aging Senior Centers through the month of December. A personalized note is then sent to the individual or the individual's family acknowledging the contribution made in their name. All proceeds provide vital resources such as emergency assistance, clothing, transportation and even temporary housing.

There was such a positive response from the donors, honorees and their families, the Commission on Aging has expanded the program. You can "Illuminate A Memory" at Christmas time or anytime. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding or "just because" you want to tell that special someone you love and honor them, donate $5 or more in their name and give a truly meaningful gift. The Commission on Aging will send a note recognizing the occasion and acknowledging your generosity.

"Illuminate A Memory" this Valentine's Day and fill your valentine's heart with joy and a senior's with gratitude. It doesn't get any sweeter than that.

To Donate:

Call the Lakewood Commission on Aging: 216-521-1515 or make checks payable to: The                                                 Lakewood Foundation/Illuminate A Memory: 16024 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Please designate the person you wish to honor.

Georganne Vartorella, M.D.

Georganne Vartorella, M.D., Founder of POSITIVELY SENIOR (, is an advocate for seniors, freelance writer and board certified physician. Dr. Vartorella had a successful private practice of Internal Medicine in Lakewood.

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