Twins Are A Couple Of "Jammy Buggars"

One late Thursday night, we Taster Twins, with our patient husbands in tow, visited the soon to be a Lakewood landmark, Jammy Buggars. The name brings a smile to your face, particularly when you discover that it means “lucky individual” in British slang. Patrons who eat here are indeed fortunate because the food is inspired and consistently delectable.

The New England Lobster rolls are a perpetual favorite with the Taster Twins. The chilled shrimp and lobster adorned with a zesty mayonnaise nestled in a warm folded over bread is absolutely delicious. Paired with hand-cut French fries, this dish is not to be missed.

Each month, Jammy Buggars offers special burgers with artistic ingredients, but you cannot go wrong creating your own burger with a luscious dollop of fresh mozzarella atop. They cook the patties to order, so their special blend of beef is always perfectly flavorful and immensely satisfying.

The ultra-creamy macaroni and cheese is the ideal way to throw dietary caution to the wind and just enjoy yourself.

Our husbands were duly impressed with the massive selection of beers and were not shy about sampling something new.

The service was leisurely, giving us plenty of time to savor our appetizers, the highlight of which was the sauce-laden chicken wings. They were meaty and messy—two of our favorite qualities in a wing! The wait staff was quick to rescue us with extra napkins, which were very much needed and appreciated.

When the entrees arrived, we were ready to eat and we weren’t disappointed.

Never ones to deny ourselves dessert, we had to order the peanut butter pie. Although we were pretty full and somewhat sauce-covered, the charms of the sweet, velvety, peanut-buttery concoction proved irresistible. We were glad we didn't deny ourselves the pleasure of a decadent dessert to top off a delightful dining experience.

Jammy Buggars has a stated goal of “to make Jammy Buggars a favorite meeting place by combining a welcoming, community-focused atmosphere, moderate prices and warm service. We want people to be comfortable... just like being at your Mother's house (but, with better beer).” We think they’ve succeeded!

Ingrid Dickson

I have lived in Lakewood for 20 years. My twin sister and I frequent Lakewood eateries and are interested in submitting articles/columns reviewing Lakewood restaurants.

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Volume 10, Issue 25, Posted 5:13 PM, 12.09.2014