Stolen Bikes In Lakewood

Hello my name is Ethan Ulintz. I’m 12 years old and I’m going to talk to you about the problem with bikes being stolen in Lakewood.

Many of my friends have gotten a bike stolen and some of my friends had two and some had three bikes stolen in all of their life in Lakewood, so as you can guess, I want it all to stop. People keep stealing bikes and it’s a real problem because you and your parents use money to pay for the bike and people just keep taking bikes, so they’re just taking your money.

So here is what I think everyone with a bike should do. Bring your bike inside your house and that means no leaving it outside on your porch because they can come on the porch and take it even if you lock it because they’ll cut the lock and leave. But if you can’t carry your bike upstairs then hide it in a secret area and lock it up so they will not find it. If everyone gets a lock and does these things then there will be a lot less bikes getting stolen.

If you use these common sense ideas, bikes will not get stolen as much, and there will be more people riding bikes in Lakewood!

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Volume 10, Issue 16, Posted 3:05 PM, 08.05.2014