The Tea Lab - Great Experiments!

Bob Holcepl in front of his teas and herbals.

Bob Holcepl has brought his special talent back to Lakewood. Bob is a graduate of St. Edward High School and lived for a period of time in Lakewood. Life and work saw him move around and open up the now legendary coffee spot in Tremont, Civilization, ten years ago with his wife.

After that success he moved into wholesale with City Roast Coffee and Tea which led to the West Side Market with City Roast Coffee and Tea, which is the longest line at West Side Market in the morning. Then in the next stand he opened Crepes Deluxe, a walk-up french-style crepe stand which has to have the second or the third longest lines in West Side Market, and “The Tea Lab” at 530 Euclid in Downtown Cleveland.

“I always wanted to open a shop in Lakewood,” said Bob. “I went to St. Ed’s in the 60s, and met my wife when she lived on Mars Ave. I have always had a connection to Lakewood and wanted to return, the only question was when and how.” When the spot opened in what used to be GreenSmart Gifts, he jumped on the chance to bring his neu-style tea shop to Lakewood. “A modern take on what tea should be. It is not Victorian, it is not Zen Buddhism, it’s an American modern 21st Century beverage  that happens to be 5,000 years old, but relevant today. It is better for you than the junk they sell you in bottles and cans.” Lakewood seems to be a perfect spot; they have walking traffic and the new mindset on tea--a great beverage at any time hot or cold.

Bob went on to say, “there are health benefits, but I will not be touting them, I want people to enjoy the tea for the great beverage that it is.”

Besides a vast array of tea-- The Tea Lab, has over 100 kinds of tea and herbals --they also have everything you need to make and enjoy your tea. Everything you need to steep them and enjoy them. Between Aladdin’s and the super trendy Cosmic Collectables, this will be a great addition to the Lakewood Streetscape and the Detroit Avenue Chow Line.

Good luck Bob and crew.

The Tea Lab
14534 Detroit Ave,
Hours: 11-7 Mon-Sat Closed Sun
Phone: (216) 712-4410

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 8:54 AM, 04.17.2014