MS Treatment Now Available At Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute At Lakewood Hospital

It is especially important for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to find care they can trust in a convenient location since it is a condition that people live with for many years. Lakewood Hospital is pleased to announce that specialists from Cleveland Clinic’s Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Research have expanded their services to the hospital. The goal is to better serve patients who live or work on Cleveland’s West Side.

Neurologists Devon Conway, MD, and Mary Willis, MD, see patients along with Theresa Bretz, CNP, a certified nurse practitioner and MS specialist who provides patient education.

Convenient for Patients

“We can offer patients all the care they need in one location,” says Dr. Conway. “This is particularly convenient for patients who need to come in for frequent therapy or infusions.”

MS is a disorder primarily seen in young adults, typically appearing between the ages of 20 and 40, explains Dr. Willis. It affects women more than men. Some of the early symptoms include blurred vision, weakness and numbness in the body, and problems with balance.

Full Range of Care

Drs. Conway and Willis provide the latest treatments available for MS, and they are experienced in treating problems related to MS, such as using botulinum toxin injections to control spasticity in the arms and legs. They are currently accepting new patients at Lakewood Hospital. They also welcome current patients who receive routine neurological care at the main campus location who would prefer to transfer their care to the West Side.

In addition to having the specialized physician and nurse team available, Lakewood offers occupational and physical therapy and intravenous infusion services for MS patients. Complete diagnostic testing is available as well, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain or spine and comprehensive blood workups.

“We can perform a complete workup to look for any neurological problem, not just MS,” Dr. Willis says. In addition to MS education, the Lakewood Hospital team has a full range of specialists to help treat MS patients when needed, including experts in spine, pain management and urology.

Contact Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Institute at Lakewood Hospital by calling 216.636.5860 or toll-free 866.588.2264.

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Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 2:32 PM, 04.15.2014