Why Are You Buying A Home??????

Why Are You Buying a Home?

Seems like a fair question. Why…Are…You…Buying…A…Home???????

Well why are you?

I can tell you the reason my wife and I first purchased a home. We had a one-hour commute leaving our apartment at 6 a.m. and getting home at 8 p.m., if we were lucky, and trying to have a real life. We were exhausted and as a result we bought the first house we looked at. It was ten blocks from my job and a ten minute commute for my wife. It was cheaper than we were expecting to have to pay and it had a bedroom. What more did we want? So we offered full price and bought our first home.

So why are you buying a home?

We all seem to be pretty good at what we want to buy. Three bed, two bath, attached two car garage (in Lakewood no less), a basement that can be converted to a family room, and a walk in master closet (in Lakewood again). The 'what' comes with a little practice and gets honed as we search. Pretty soon the long list is winnowed down to the essentials. No more master closet but now a closet. An attached garage is replaced by a garage that isn’t leaning too much, Master anything is a plus, and so on and so on until you really know what you want. You will know it when you see it. And if you are able, you will buy this home. YOUR HOME!

A good, experienced Realtor can help you with the what. A good Realtor can make the What an enjoyable experience. They know what to expect. A Realtor can guide you through the process so that you are able to focus on the What. It might even be fun for goodness sake. Your Realtor will help you prepare for this VERY LARGE PURCHASE, (I mean did you ever grow up expecting to spend $150,000 and up on anything?) and make it manageable and understandable. A good Realtor is someone you can rely upon to give you honest and useable information. After all, by LAW, a Realtor has a Fiduciary duty towards their clients. This means they are bound, BY LAW, to work for your best interests. Pretty cool huh?

So Why do you want to buy a house???????

This is the hardest question to answer. No disinterested party can really help you with this question. You gotta figure that out. After all, this is most likely THE LARGEST PURCHASE YOU WILL EVER MAKE. But you have to answer this. If you really have no clear answer, if you are just doing this because, or this is what you are supposed to do at this point of your life, or (Lucky You) someone is kind enough to help you with the purchase and you feel obligated, maybe you, and here I may be committing Realtor Heresy, maybe you shouldn’t be buying a home.

There I said it.

So if you think you know why you want to buy a home, or at the very least you think you have inkling, then you can start working on the what. So talk to a Realtor. Better yet talk to two or three. Find out whom you are comfortable with. Find out why they are the right Realtor for you. Keep them on their toes.  If you do this, then you may really find the Why and the What and make that your home. 

A good way to start the search for the Why and the What is coming Thursday February 27 at Jammy Buggers in Lakewood. Starting at 6:30 p.m. there will be a Home Buyers Seminar with Realtors, title company representatives, and an honest to goodness lending agent to help you answer your questions, A swell time is guaranteed for all.

Eric Lowrey

I am a Realtor working with Prudential Lucien. My wife Cindy and I have lived in Lakewood since 2004. A former hige end Pastry Chef and College Teacher, I have lived many lives. Both Cindy and I are involved with Lakewood Alive, Live Well Lakewood and The Lakewood Historical Society. We live on Waterbury road with two cats and you can usually find us sitting on our front poarch come evening.

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