What Am I Doing?

What Am I Doing?

So often we find ourselves uttering this phrase. Usually these are inconsequential moments, staring into the refrigerator, about to click “Purchase” on that late night TV gizmo, signing up for Clown College. These are the beginnings of stories you may tell for the remainder of your life, or may soon fade from memory. Our foibles and follies are the stuff of great drama.

“What am I doing?” is not something you want to be saying as you hand over a large certified check and sign on the many dotted lines to commit to a thirty-year mortgage and the purchase of a home. Your home will be the source of many stories, most of them happy ones, but you do not want to regret, from the start, something you are unprepared for, and do not really know what and why you are buying.

It is very easy to find information on homes for sale. No longer do you need a Realtor to be the holder of the key to information. Using any number of sources, today’s homebuyer can find homes, mortgages, and all manner of information that are part of the home buying process. You can contact each and every agent or homeowner listing a home for sale and maker appointments to see these homes. But what then? You find yourself falling in love with a home, making an offer, negotiating that offer, signing a contract, working with your lender, working with the sellers agent, and soon you are at that awkward moment that makes you ask “What am I doing?”

Before you find yourself in this situation ask yourself these questions.

1.)  Who represents and advocates for me? The Seller’s Agent????

2.)   Who do I rely upon for knowledge and information? My Uncle who knows someone who used to be a Realtor?

3.)  Do I know what to anticipate during the entire process of buying a home? Do you Really know or just think you do?

Working with a licensed Realtor is a low to no cost way to have affirmative answers to these questions.  By law a Realtor has a fiduciary duty towards their clients. This means they have to work for your best interest, have a duty of confidentiality, and advocate for you and only you. They have knowledge and experience and can be there every step of the process so you are aware of what you are doing.

To find out more there will be a Buyers Seminar February 27th, 6:30 p.m. at Jammy Buggers. For more information email Info@NorthEastOhioAgent.com.

Eric Lowrey

I am a Realtor working with Prudential Lucien. My wife Cindy and I have lived in Lakewood since 2004. A former hige end Pastry Chef and College Teacher, I have lived many lives. Both Cindy and I are involved with Lakewood Alive, Live Well Lakewood and The Lakewood Historical Society. We live on Waterbury road with two cats and you can usually find us sitting on our front poarch come evening.

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