Amanda, Gina, and Michele Are Found Alive! In Tremont!

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  • A crowd gathers the first night to celebrate the good news.

  • 2207 Seymour Ave. where Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were held chained up in the basement for ten years.

  • Angel Cordero's home is packed, right across the street from 2207 Seymour Ave.

  • Within sight of downtown and 4 houses west of Scranton Road.

  • 4 houses behind this church,

  • The madness of news and celebration on West 25th.

  • Media going nuts.

  • As the story becomes the number one story in America, and maybe the world.

  • The door Amanda crawled through.

  • CNN's Martin Savage back home in Cleveland.

  • 2207 Seymour Ave.

  • Freinds interviewed.

  • Hard to belive.

  • Angel Cordero.

  • Angel Cordero being interviewed by WDIV Detroit.

  • The crowd gathers the first night.

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