Amanda, Gina, and Michele Are Found Alive! In Tremont!

A crowd gathers the first night to celebrate the good news.

On the afternoon of 5.05.2013 three women that had been missing for more than ten years were found alive, having been kept prisoners in a nondescript house at 2207 Seymour Ave. Five houses from the West 25th St. Exit of I-90, and five houses from Scranton Avenue. Literally on the line between the fashionable Ohio City and Tremont communities of Cleveland.

The women, in order of abduction, Michele Knight, who went missing in 2002 at the age of 20, Amanda Berry age 17 at the time of abduction in 2003, and Gina DeJesus age 16 at the time of abduction in 2004, were found-- Michelle and Gina still chained up in a soundproof basement.

Amanda had gotten free and made it upstairs to the door where she signaled anyone.

Well across the street were a couple guys. One saw her, walked over to the door, and heard her say, "Help me, I'm Amanda Berry, I have been kidnapped." Well the good guy kicked the door open and got her out; she ran across the street to another man who called 911 and got the police there. Amanda also used the man who saved her's phone to call police.

The police came, and arrested a suspect, Ariel Castro, and his two brothers. Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the real heroes of this event, Angel Cordero. When the media arrived yesterday they loved talking to "Charles" but Charles who took credit for everything, merely called 911 when Angel called him. It was Angel who kicked down the door, but his poor English did not make for a good interview. However today with a little Spanish, here are his words.

Angel Cordero has lived directly across the street on Seymour for the past seven years. He is the brave young man who kicked in the door to save Amanda Berry.

He heard Amanda screaming through a small crack in the front door, "Help me, I'm Amanda Barry, I've been kidnapped for 10 years. Help me, he went out for food and he's coming right back, he's closed me inside for 10 years. Quick, quick, he's coming back, help me, I need the police."

Angel stated that he looked to see if the car was in the driveway, he was scared if the guy came back he could be killed.

Angel said there were chains on the door with locks that couldn't be opened, he asked if the guy was around, was told that he had just gone out, so he kicked it in. He yelled for Amanda to "Leave! Go!" Amanda and the baby girl came out. He said that Amanda was dirty and the daughter had no clothes on. Another neighbor, Charles, helped Amanda use their house phone to call 911. Angel held Amanda's daughter while she used the phone. He said she was nervous and shaking.

Angel said, "There was never any people coming or going. I see the guy every day for seven years. He no talk to anybody. The guy would pull through the big gate, close it behind him and go in through the back."

He said nobody ever heard anything.

Angel said it took about 2-3 minutes for police to come, they immediately went to the windows of the basement where the other girls were being held. According to Angel police said the basement was sound-proofed and the girls were in chains.

"The F.B.I told me I did a good job, I just help."

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