Spring Time To-Do List for Your Home

The snow is finally gone, right?! Now is the time to address seasonal maintenance issues for your home, regardless if you are getting your home ready for the market or just looking to give it a springtime tune-up. Addressing repairs and upgrades will help lower energy costs while adding value and marketability down the road.

Here are some tips for the season:

Windows: Did you notice significant drafts this past winter?  If so it may be time to consider refurbishing your windows or replacing them altogether.  Today there are all kinds of options for home owners.  It could be as simple as adding quality storm windows, fresh caulk, and/or weather stripping to existing windows, which will also allow you to maintain the character and integrity of your home.  Contact a reputable Lakewood contractor to discuss options that fit your budget.

Heating & Cooling Systems: At a minimum it is time to have your mechanical system(s) cleaned and serviced.  If your heating and cooling bills have been higher than normal it may also be time to consider replacing your units with high-efficiency models.  This is also the time to consider your home's insulation.  Conducting an energy audit will give you an idea of how efficient your home is and if more insulation should be added.

Roofing System: Spring is a a great time to inspect your roof for storm damage.  While a full roof replacement may cost thousands, a roof tune-up may only cost a few hundred dollars and be just what the doctor ordered.  Contact a reputable roofer to inspect your roof for damage and repair as-needed.  Make sure your gutters are clean and flowing properly and that all downspouts are free of debris.  A properly working roof system will help divert water away from your foundation and assist with keeping your basement dry.

Exterior Paint: We all dread it.  But we all need it!  Spring is the perfect time to asses the damage to your home's exterior.  Check your home from top to bottom.  Is it time to finally paint the exterior?  Do the porch railings need to be addressed?  If you are not going to tackle this yourself call a qualified painter sooner than later.  Most will come out for free estimates; however, since the painting season cannot start until weather permits, many of the professionals will already be booked through June.

Landscaping:  Now's the time to prune, plant, and mulch.  Clean up the damage from the winter.  Decide if it is time to freshen-up your curb appeal, and add mulch to retain moisture and keep those weeds from growing.

So whether you are just looking to spruce up your home and make it more efficient or are getting it ready for the market, these tips will help get you on your way.  Remember to get estimates for work in writing, and to check the contractor's reputation.  The Building Department can provide a list of contractors that are "certified" to work in Lakewood, and your local realtor should be able to provide a list of trusted names as well.

If you are concerned about over-improving your home go to www.HomeValuesInLakewood.Info and check your home's value and neighborhood activity.

Chris Bergin is a licensed real estate agent with Prudential Lucien Realty in Lakewood and can be reached at Chris@ChrisBerign.com.

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Volume 9, Issue 9, Posted 10:39 PM, 04.30.2013