Live Well In Lakewood

Spring is finally here! It’s prime time to take advantage of all the wonderful wellness resources Lakewood has to offer.  As one of Ohio’s most walkable cities Lakewood is a great place to be if you want to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Did you know that Lakewood is home to 15 parks and over 75 acres of green space? Not to mention 6 yoga and Pilates studios, 4 martial arts centers and 6 gyms. 

Between road races like the Lakewood Hospital Ambulance Chase, group bike rides organized out of Spin Bike Shop on Madison Avenue, and community festivals like the Summer Melt Down, there’s always something to do in Lakewood that will help keep you healthy. And the best part is that many of these activities are FREE! 

Want to indulge in some self care without breaking a sweat? Lakewood has an abundance of massage, reiki and other wellness resources. If healthy food is on your agenda Lakewood has a wide variety to choose from. From vegetarian to vegan to organic to locally grown & locally made. 

Lakewood is a hotbed for healthy, active living and those “in the know” take full advantage. Want to know what’s going on wellness-wise in Lakewood? Check out the newly updated for events, activities & resources to help keep you healthy.

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Volume 9, Issue 7, Posted 9:25 PM, 04.02.2013