"You Really Should Have Been Here Yesterday" Sharkey's Hill

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  • Sharkey's Hill from the top. Very few sledders would tackle the hill from up here, but those that did became legends of the hill.
  • This is from 1/4 down the hill looking back to the top. Here you can see the two paths available to the Hill Masters. A 2' jump, which would find you landing nearly 30' past the jump, or up the hill, around a tree, and down the hill at an increased rate of speed. The jump, and a depression half way down the hill broke many a sled.
  • This shows the path. The X at the bottom of the photo is the landing area from the jump. The lines across the path are the various photo areas. The X at the top is the small bottom of the hill with a river immediately on the other side.
  • Sme shot from the bypass, which gives you a straighter shot down the hill. You can see by the people, avarage height adult makes just how step the hill is. The speeds were amazing.
  • From 3/4s of the way down the hill.
  • From the bottom of the hill looking back up it. It drops from the street level to the river, on a long sweeping angle. A ride of a lifetime, everytime. I know it sounds cliche, but everytime you got to the bottom in one piece, it was a reason to celebrate being alive!
  • The bottom, unfortunately the entire path is strewn with broken bottles, so that sledding would probably grate a body to nothing. Some residents should clean it up, for a new generation.
  • As it looks today. Overgrown, no way anyone could start from the top.
  • And even the lightest snowfall covers the broken glass. Alas, it might be too late.
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