Community Vision Begins To Come Into Focus

Nearly 20 years since the last formal Community Vision plan, various stakeholders within City Hall including City Council, Mayor Summers and the Planning Commission began preparing back in January of 2012 for the formulation of a new vision for Lakewood's future by first re-evaluating the 1993 plan.

On Monday May 14, in the first Community Vision meeting open to the general public, 75 Lakewood residents proved that they were ready to have their voices heard. In an effort to narrow down the hopes and dreams that its residents have for their City, Director Siley divided the opinionated crowd into thirds and asked each group to react to three broad based questions related to their understanding of Lakewood's past, present and future. The questions were as follows:

1- What do you love about Lakewood?

2- What worries you?

3- What are your hopes for the future?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the groups found that all three questions elicited similar answers. As one attendee pointed out, "What we worry about, what we hope for and what we love are all the same thing."

While there was some consensus over key topic areas to address as the process moves forward, ultimately, the group agreed that by and large Lakewood was a "uniquely undefinable" community.

Over the next weeks and months, the City will invite Lakewood residents to do just that-- define the undefinable. Drawing upon the themes extracted from this first meeting, committees will take shape and delve deep into Lakewood's identity around topics from sustainability to diversity. All Lakewood residents are strongly encouraged to participate and should contact the Department of Planning and Development for more information or to get involved in the process moving forward.

Volume 8, Issue 11, Posted 9:26 PM, 05.15.2012