Nature's Bin Turkey Loaf

Here's a favorite from the Nature's Bin Deli.


2 lbs. ground turkey

1 med onion, chopped

2 bell peppers red,orange or yellow, chopped (don't use green)*

2 stalks celery, leaves and all, chopped

1 med carrot, peeled and shredded

1 cup bread crumbs

1/3 cup milk

2 eggs

1 tsp. minced garlic

salt and pepper

1 tbs. oil

Heat the oil in a skillet and preheat the oven to 350 F. In a large bowl combine the breadrumbs and milk. Saute the vegetables in the oil til they soften but don't brown. Add them to the bowl with the meat, eggs and at least 2 tsp. salt and 1 tsp. pepper. Using your very clean hands, squish everything together until well combined. Line a baking dish (at least 9" by 12" with foil and spray with non-stick coating. Plop your meat mixture on the foil and form it into a loaf about 3" wide. Bake for about an hour or until the juices run clear when you poke it or it hits 160 degrees on the meat thermometer. Let it rest for at least 15 minutes and serve. Great with mashed potaoes and gravy! This should serve 6 adults or 4 with a sandwich for the next day. You can multiply this by up to 4 if you need to feed a crowd.

This is the kind of recipe you can personalize by adding the herbs and spices of your choice. Turkey takes well to thyme, sage, basil, oregano (just not all at once). Don't like garlic? Skip it. Add a little worcestershire or ketchup. Ours is a basic recipe ready for variations to suit your tastes. 

*If you use green peppers, their flavor will overwhelm the other ingredients and they will be all you can taste.  

Josie Duennes

I'm the food service manager at Nature's Bin, the mother of 2 grown sons and happily married for almost 30 years.

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