Prepare For Spring

Many people believe the best time to list their homes for sale is in the spring. Historical sales records will even back that assumption up, to a point. This year Northeastern Ohio has enjoyed an unusually mild winter, and home sales have stayed pretty level. If you are one of the homeowners waiting until spring to get your house in shape for sale, wait no longer! The unseasonably warm weather has kept home buyers active in the market, and waiting until April or May to list your home for sale could eliminate a sizable number of potential buyers from seeing your home.

It’s easy to understand the attraction of a spring sale: trees are in bloom, everything is greening up and the curb appeal of a home is at its best. The challenge now is to maximize the curb appeal of your home without the added assistance of nature. Don’t worry too much though, everyone who is selling their home right now has the same drab surroundings to deal with. Why not give your home a little added help? The first impression a potential home buyer has is what they see as they approach your home for the first time. Normally in this season, we have snow to cover a multitude of visual problems caused by the severe weather of a normal Ohio winter. This year our winter yards are completely bare and open to view by everyone passing our homes. First impressions do matter, so try a few of the following tips to present a clean and neat appearance when nature isn’t giving you any help.

  • Clean up and dispose of any fallen branches from recent wind and snow storms
  • Clean up any of the paper refuse that always magically appears in the beds around our yards
  • Sweep the walks and driveway clean of gravel and dirt that accumulates from plowing and shoveling the snow that did fall.
  • Pick up some inexpensive perennials or greenery from a local nursery, Home Depot or Lowe’s to give some color to our pre-spring surroundings
  • Clean exterior windows on one of these warm days to provide a bright, crisp appearance to the outside of your home

Anything you may do to make the exterior of your home look neat and clean will give you a great advantage as people pass your property or approach for a tour. Pricing is extremely competitive and only the best of the best homes command the highest re-sale prices. With the large number of homes currently available, these easy tips may make the difference and show your home at its best. We all want to sell quickly when we need to. Take a few minutes to make sure you have the best chances possible to find the right buyer at the right price, for you!

Matt Chase is a licensed Realtor® and the owner of Chase Group real estate. 

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Volume 8, Issue 5, Posted 9:48 PM, 03.07.2012