QUITNESS T-shirt Story

In May of 2010, I, along with the rest of the basketball-watching world witnessed Lebron James "laying down and QUITTING" on the court in a Playoff game against the Boston Celtics. After the game I sat in my office and drew up several sketches and put my ideas down on paper to send off to Larry Weber, a friend and long time collaborator-graphic illustrator. My logo idea was made as knee jerk reaction to Lebron "quitting" on the court.I had t-shirts made with an image of my Uncle Bob and the word "Quitness" across the front and I waited.

The morning after Lebron's decision at 7 am on Friday, July 9 my band and I appeared live on the Fox 8 Morning Show wearing-you guessed it, my "QUITNESS " T-shirts. Thanks to our TV appearance and a link on the Fox 8 website to my sites: (www.colindussault.com and www.quitnesstshirts.com) I sold out of copious amounts of product.

Eventually the fervor over Lebron's betrayal died down. But I also knew that Christmas would afford me another chance to sell the shirts as well as Lebron's impending return to Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat.

I came to an out of court agreement with a major Cleveland corporation who used my "Quitness " idea for one of their products and I have had to deal with T-shirt sellers on the internet using my idea for their own gain. In the end I am content with knowing that I had some great ideas and that any profits from them are analogous to me winning the lottery

After Christmas I think I will send Lebron James a nice "Thank You" card and a gift basket containing Ohio wines and cheese.

Volume 6, Issue 24, Posted 9:02 AM, 12.01.2010