Lakewood Family Combats Overwhelming Utility Bills With Home Diagnostic Testing

As long-time residents, my husband Henry Hilow and I stood to lower our overwhelming utility bills by 30%-50% after performing a Home Diagnostic Test and following through with insulation and weatherization steps. After living for 8 years in a sweet little home on Lakeland, we took a chance 15 years ago when we moved to the “money pit” on the east end of town. Since then, we have raised five children in this sprawling mansion and along with family and friends have celebrated life in this wonderful home and never looked back, until now.   

We had little concern for our utility bills until they had the same price tag as the yearly tuition of a private high school. With three in college, one in high school and one in grade school we had to act. We decided to make a proactive decision and hire Evergreen Energy Group to reduce our energy costs.

We felt the blower door test was simple and inexpensive: we closed up the home as if it were winter, a huge fan secured to our door sucked out the air (decompresses the home), specialized computer equipment monitored the standardized numbers, and then the fan is shut off to bring all the air back in. After they determined exactly where the air was coming in and going out, we began the process of insulation and weatherization in our home. You can do the repairs yourself but we chose not to.  

After doing the research, we hired Evergreen. It turns out that President, Martin G. Berry, is a long time grade school friend. Evergreen is reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Lakewood community one house, one school and one building at a time. “I can’t change the prices but I can reduce my energy costs and I would be happy to help anyone do the same.” I would also like to see the residents of Lakewood and other communities, depending on their income, take advantage of the weatherization programs throughout the county. People could really use the help.

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Volume 5, Issue 20, Posted 10:52 PM, 10.06.2009