Time to Paws and Appreciate the Park

In a perfect world, people could live harmoniously with one another, the weather would be beautiful day after day, and every community would have a park dedicated to the play and exercise of man’s best friend. Fortunately, the city of Lakewood can boast that it does have such a park, which is used year-round by residents of Lakewood, Rocky River, and many other surrounding communities.

The Lakewood Dog Park was founded in January 2002 by a group of residents that desired a dog-friendly park that would simultaneously add to the livability of Lakewood. The site, located within the Rocky River Reservation, has served as a meeting spot for both dogs and humans alike. Operating as an entity separate from the other city parks, the Lakewood Dog Park relies on donations and volunteers to keep it running. The park is maintained by an elected board (Friends of the Lakewood Dog Park) that keeps supplies stocked, organizes fundraisers, and assures an enjoyable space for all dogs and their owners.

With many local residents having yards too small to exercise a dog, the park has become a necessity to many. Visitors use the park to socialize their pups, burn energy in their dogs, and catch up with friends and neighbors. The park has become necessary for older dog owners to exercise Fido once they are no longer physically able to walk the dog themselves. Those fostering dogs use the open space to instill social skills and behavior modifications, strengthening the possibility to find forever homes for each foster.

In addition to membership drives, pictures with Santa, and the selling of logoed t-shirts and dog bandanas, the Friends of the Lakewood Dog Park orchestrate the annual dog swim. The swimming pool at Lakewood Park opens its doors on the last day of the season to our four-legged friends. Whether a member of the dog park, or just an owner of a web-footed companion, the pool provides an evening for all dogs to cool down on a hot, summer night. Proceeds of the swim are used to purchase hand sanitizer and dog waste bags for the park. All friendly dogs are encouraged to attend. This year's swim will take place on Tuesday, September 8th from 5:30-8:00pm.

A friendly park, adorned with park benches, flower baskets and dogs of every size, many residents choose to visit the park daily. With ample parking, a convenient location and plenty of companionship for your pooch, the Lakewood Dog Park is a popular destination every day of the year. We hope to see you and your best friend there soon!

To learn more about one of our city’s greatest assets, or to become a member of the park, please visit the website at LakewoodDogPark.org

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Volume 5, Issue 16, Posted 7:56 AM, 08.12.2009