Double Living

Q: I want to use the Feng Shui map to determine the different areas in my apartment, but I live in a double. Which door do I use as my entrance, the one I use to enter the house or the one that opens into my apartment? I live upstairs. -S.B., Lakewood

A: For people who live in doubles, as a significant amount of Lakewoodites do, practicing Feng Shui can pose some real challenges. There is predecessor energy left by the last occupants, and you never know how loud or polite your housemate will be. A trained Feng Shui consultant can help you clear out old energy or problems with neighbors. Overall, Feng Shui can be extremely beneficial in helping your space feel more like your own home even while you are co-existing with very close neighbors. Keep in mind that your front door is always considered the main entrance, whether or not you usually use a back or a side door to enter. After that, it really depends. Master Lin Yun, one of the most followed Feng Shui masters in the world, suggests using the door that actually opens up to the apartment. This is especially true if you live in a high rise or in a building in which all of the tenants use the same door. However, if the house you live in has more than one door to enter, one for the downstairs tenants and one for the up, then use the door you enter to go up.

Having a very welcoming entryway that is clutter-free is crucial to attracting new opportunities and sets the tone for the entire space. Think back to when you were house hunting. You were drawn to a house that looked like it was being taken care of by the owner. No matter what the inside of a house looks like, if the door looks battered, or if the porch is run down with a crumbling railing or stairs, we tend not to want to enter the house. A house like this is not attracting positive, fresh energy or new opportunities. Opportunity is literally driving by.

Whether you’re living in a double or a building with many tenants, you’ll want to be sure your door stands out. You may have heard that in Feng Shui it is recommended to paint your door red. Red is a very auspicious color that gets you noticed. It symbolizes fame and reputation, wealth and passion. The goal is to attract energy, and opportunities, to you. Put a welcome mat in front of the door, and if you can’t paint the door (doesn’t have to be red—it can be a color that just helps your door stand out), hang a wreath or ornament that will get you noticed. If you live upstairs in a double, it is a good idea to attract the energy up the stairs to you. Arrange potted flowers on the stairs that create a path of energy leading to your door, hang a wind chime at the top of the stairs, or put a small table with a lamp in the corner. You can also hang another wreath, or something else creative, on the inside door and add a mat. Make sure that the door leading into the apartment can open fully--don’t store anything by the door that prevents it from opening all the way. Upon entering, your entryway should be free of clutter, and if you do have permission to paint, use a color in the entry that is warm and inviting. One last bit of Feng Shui advice: Make sure you have a working doorbell on the door. Broken doorbells symbolize missed opportunities. You can’t hear them to let them in!

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Volume 4, Issue 18, Posted 12:26 PM, 08.22.2008