Dever Takes Charge

At 7:30 PM January 7, 2008 Mike Dever (at large) called the council meeting to order. By virtue of being the longest serving member of council the job fell to him to open the meeting. After the roll call, pledge to the flag, and moment of silence Dever then called for nominations for the post of President of Council.

Kevin Butler (ward one) nominated Dever for the position. Mary Louise Madigan (ward four) seconded the motion. That motion passed unanimously.

The new president then moved that Madigan be named Vice President of Council. Tom Bullock (ward two) seconded the motion. It, too, passed unanimously.

Then it was down to business. Council passed resolutions accepting the appointments of Nora Hurley as Law Director and Nathan Kelly as Director of Planning and Development.

As part of a new council with new leadership, Dever wants to “take a fresh look at Council Rules of Procedure. Although Council procedures default into Roberts Rules of Order when no other rules have been established, those that have been set down by separate ordinance have not been changed in over 30 years. Also, some questionable rules continue simply because past practices prevail.” stated Dever in his letter to council.

As a side note, many times in my reporting position for the Lakewood Observer, people will approach me with questions on Council procedure or offer ideas for changes in custom. This might be the opportunity for interested people to post their ideas on Council operations on the Observation Deck in order to help President Dever and the rest of Council reevaluate procedures.

Finally, there is a vacancy on council occasioned by the election of Ed FitzGerald as Mayor. He was mid term in his council term and had to resign the seat to assume the Mayor’s position.

Council Clerk Mary Hagan has received applications from nine people who would like to be appointed to the slot.

Paul R. Beegan is an architect who most recently drew up the plans for the conversion of a double to single home on Bunts Road that was featured in the last issue.

Timothy H. Carroll last ran for the at large seats two years ago. He is active in the Lakewood Republican Club.

Stephen Davis has most recently served on the Charter Review Commission and is active with the Lakewood Library.

Diane Hope Helbig just finished her first attempt for the Ward three seat in an active and energetic campaign.

Stephen F. Hoffert has been a regular monitor of civic activities and just retired from Lakewood having worked in a supervisory capacity at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Ruth A. Koenigsmark is a name familiar to Observer readers from her many columns and community wide activities, including working with the Office on Aging.

Edward Michael McCartney has been a regular attendee at council meetings and uses the audience comment session to offer views on the relationship between religion and government as it applies to council.

Brian E. Powers is a member of the Planning Commission and a Democratic precinct committeeperson.

Daniel E. Shields fast off a hotly contested race for the Ward 2 seat has also applied. The Lakewood attorney has also served on the Charter Review Commission.

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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 11:55 AM, 01.13.2008