Lakewood Tastes Sweet!

At the Clifton Club

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  • Lakewood Hopsital: Diane Brodnick, Jonathan Langham and Carl Cummins
  • Beer Engine: Gregg Tushar/Chef, Brian Daus/Co-Owner and Garin Wright/Co=owner &Head Brewer
  • Sweet Designs: Natalia Vale and Gauren Glover
  • Cleats: Adam Capiccioni, Tony Smith and Kayleigh Zajaras
  • Angelo's Pizza: Caitlin Murphey and Maggie Tinkus
  • Pier W: Jack Ahern
  • Soupermarket: Matthew Moore and Brandon Doles
  • Westend Tavern: Parnell Egan, Jamie Delgado, Rubin Little
  • Create-A-Cake: Sany Macdonald and Denise Rich
  • Judge Caroll
  • Outside at the Clifton Club
  • Melt: Mike Vandergriff, Matt fish and Jerome Red
  • The patio at the Clifton Club
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Krivosh
  • On the lawn enjoying the evening at the Clifton Club
  • Patty Ryan: Chamber of Commerce and Ane Calabrese: The Clifton Club
  • Tom and Cindy Einhouse
  • Councilwoman Mary Louise Madigan, Lauren Staral and susan Staral
  • Mr and Mrs. Mike Summers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rasoletti and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Polito
  • The Clifton Club
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