City Council Update: Monday, 4-17-07

Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s not over ‘til it’s over.” And so it is with the continuing debate over council leadership. Council tonight did not address in its regular agenda any of the issues that were discussed at the Friday the 13th special meeting.

While the council report will return to addressing some of the important and traditional docket items in the May 1 issue, including Cub Scout honors recognition, a belated mention of Building Commissioner Charlie Barrett’s retirement, and the ever present street repair issues, several significant carryover issues emerged from the Friday meeting and are sure to consume council attention in the next several months.

The first is a law department opinion as to whether or not the April 13 meeting complied with open meeting rules. The second is the continuing tenure of Robert Seelie as council president. The third is changes in the chairperson of the finance committee and committee of the whole. And fourth is the issue of public comment.

At the Friday meeting acting president Dever did not allow public comment. Members Antonio and Madigan objected to that posture and as a result, Madigan is introducing legislation to change the ordinance which says that the council president “may” take public comment and change it to “shall.”

Keep up to date with the discussion on the Observation Deck.

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