Bin Recognized, Construction Continues: Council 10.16.2006

Getting Ready for Walgreens
Council and Mayor Thomas George joined in a resolution honoring Scott Dueness, Executive Director of Cornucopia, Inc. (Nature's Bin), on receiving the Cliff Adler Heart in Business Award. The Bin has become a Lakewood institution. It began over thirty years ago at the east end of Madison Avenue. It moved to its current location on Sloane Avenue where the natural foods store has just completed updates due to its popularity. It has served as a training center for special needs individuals as well offering a unique selection of foods. The Adler award is quite prestigious in the natural retail food industry.

Council member Ryan Demro (ward two) raised concerns about traffic tie ups on Elmwood Avenue at Grant School. Grant has received its share of temporary students due to the new school construction. This, in turn, has led to increased traffic congestion as parents pick up or drop off students. According to Demro, several residents have complained to him. He is suggesting some temporary no parking signs.

This complaint brought a questioning response from Public Works Director Tony Beno, who stated that he, Police Lieutenant Hassig, and the school principal are in constant contact regarding traffic problems and that this most recent concern had not come to their attention. Beno indicated that he would investigate the residents' concerns and put up the signs if necessary.

Demro was not satisfied with an offer of action and wanted council to pass an ordinance which would have forced the placement of signs. Beno pointed out that without a full examination of the situation any new signage could add to other residents' problems and aggravate the situation.

The matter was referred to the safety committee.

Dottie Buckon, Director of Human Services, presented a unique and welcome resolution to council. Evelyn Burri was a long time Lakewood resident who passed away just prior to her 90th birthday. For several years before her death, she received various support services from the Division of Aging including medical transportation, home health services, and case management. In her trust she directed that $122,000 be sent to the Department of Aging. It is presumed by the administration that this donation is in recognition for the excellent services she received. Buckon indicated that the money would be used on needed capital improvement projects at the Robert and Kathy Lawther center on Madison and Lakeland.

New construction is continuing despite the onset of winter. At Madison and Warren demolition has begun on the whole strip of store fronts to make way for a new Walgreens. According to Thomas Jordan, Planning Director, "it's a rush against the snow to get a building weathered in."

Assistant Planning Director Dryk Bennett said the property valuation of the old strip which included the popular Warren Road Tavern was $856,000. Bennett said the valuation of the new Walgreens is expected to be approximately $3,000,000.

Mayor George in corridor comments exclusive to the Lakewood Observer said, "Other businesses surrounding the new construction are making plans for storefront improvements."

Council President Seelie adjourned the meeting at an early 9:30.
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