Ohio State University's Commencement With Barack Obama

Ohio State University's graduating class of 2013 had the opportunity to hear President Barack Obama deliver the commencement speech before receiving their diplomas. The commencement ceremony took place on May 5th, inside the OSU football stadium. Over 10,000 students graduated from OSU and approximately 60,000 visitors attended the ceremony. Barack Obama provided inspiring words to the class of 2013, focusing on the importance of citizenship. Addressing the students who all grew up during a time of economic trouble, wars, and terrorism- he said that this has tested them! But because of this, they have grown to be a strong generation. Through the love of their country, they can start to change it for the better.

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  • President Barack Obama arrives at Ohio State University

  • President Barack Obama 

  • Josiah Lanning, with his assistance dog Charlicy waiting to officially graduate from Ohio State University!

  • President Barack Obama flipping through the commencement handbook

  • President Barack Obama gives the commencement speech at Ohio State University on May 5th

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