2008 LHS Senior Art Show

These are some images from the Senior Class of 2008 Art Show at the LPL Main Branch on Thursday May 22.
There were many awards given for the artwork.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Brittany Kopin, senior, with her self portrait
  • Senior Emma Melaragno with her self portrait.
  • Senior Jamie Meggas shows that an apple a day can keep the doctor away.
  • Senior Art Scholarship winner Bethany Staley with her favorite painting from her art show entries.
  • Senior Emma Paras posing with her artwork.
  • Senior Emma Paras and her Artichokes (Blue Rubber Bands).
  • Senior Farheen Naeem with her still life Perrier.
  • Senior Hannah Keelor and her art work were crowned "Best in Show".
  • Senior Jamie Meggas' Still life of some delicious looking apples.
  • Senior Abbey Zettler with a painting of her grandparents on Kelly's Island,
  • Grapefruit by Meredith Ross
  • Meredith Ross' still life of grapefruit at the LHS Senior Art Show.
  • Sneior Morgan Cushing and her self porrtait.
  • Senior Paul Duna and his first place photo of a petunia.
  • A row of senior self portraits at the Senior Art Show.
  • A row of senior self portraits at the Senior Art Show.
  • Senior Sam Moree and his grape still life.
  • Bethany Staley's still life of oranges.
  • A row of senior portraits and ceramics from the LHS Senior Art Show.
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