Life Outside Lakewood

Cell phone photos from my trip up to the Adirondacks and Vermont on my motorcycle in September. 1800 miles of solitude on my GL500 Interstate without listening to the radio or looking at the Observation Deck.

Any bikers out there? Sorry Motocyclists. Let me know!

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Homebase!
  • Moose Crossing? That would be worse than hitting a deer!
  • A seaplane in Blue Mountain Lake.
  • Blue Mountain Lake is Beautiful!
  • My bike on the road up North
  • Although Lake Placid is disgustingly commercialized, the twisties just East of town are fun to ride.
  • The backside of Whiteface Mountain.
  • Whiteface mountain home to the 1932 and 1982 Winter Olympics!
  • Nothing like the open road.
  • While people with fragile ego's buy the biggest bike possible, my humble GL500 is an awsome mount, and gets over 50 MPG!
  • Breathtaking scenery on NY Rt. 9N
  • And I thought the ark was in Hungary! The funny part was that this guy was building a real one across the street!
  • Nice secluded lake on 9N.
  • A better shot looking South.
  • I found a new chair for OB but I couldn't fit it in my saddle bags!
  • Weird mutant train with partying people!
  • Some hard rock on Rt. 8.
  • The water was SOOOO blue up there.
  • The road were really nice in NY. Even when they had signs indicating a "rough road" they were even better than a newly paved one in Ohio.
  • Vermont 100 is a must drive.
  • The Trapp Family Lodge of "Sound of Music" fame.  View like Austria except for the dumpster where I had to sleep the night.  Best part was it was "all you can eat!"
  • I was told by the gas station attendent not to ride my bike on Vermont 17 because it was too "twisted".  Here's a picture from the top.
  • Another shot of 17 from the top.  A couple of ladies were riding their tandem and looked awfully tired.  I just smiled at them and thought that's why god gave us gasoline.
  • The mornings were misty, cool and calm but by 8:30 the mist burned off and it was time to ride!
  • NY 28 was another delight.
  • Panaramic view of Eighth Lake.  I must have bumped the resolution on my phone to a lower setting.  Bummer!
  • Photo op for my bike.  Made only for two years.  I had to take this photo and send it to my friend who camps here every year.  I am evil!
  • Lake Louie on Rt. 30.
  • One last photo early in the morning.  I was sad to leave but I will return!
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