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Trains (1 Photos)
Jared Kirtland (1 Photos)
Whipporwill Estate
Lakewood Park (1 Photos)
Winter in Lakewood Park (7 Photos)
Just a bunch of pictures I have taken of Lakewood Park in the winter over all the years I have taken pictures for the Lakewood Observer. I will add more as I find them.
Grant School (1 Photos)

Vintage Lakewood photo

LHS 2010 Wreath (1 Photos)
Urban Deer (2 Photos)
House Tour (1 Photos)
Lakewood Historical Society House Tour (7 Photos)
Houses on the Tour
4th of July 2010 (103 Photos)
The Best Parade ever!
LHS Scavenger Hunt (1 Photos)
last haircut (1 Photos)
June 2009
State of the City (9 Photos)
Mayor Fitzgerald at Horace Mann Elementary School March 9, 2010.
BOE Meeting 3/2/2010 (6 Photos)
BOE meeting where explanations for closing Grants were given by BOE members.
BOE (2 Photos)
LHS Brochure (2 Photos)
LHS Christmas Wreath 2009 (1 Photos)
Lakewood Historical Society Snowflake Wreath for 2009.
Cars (4 Photos)
Bailey Building on Warren & Detroit (4 Photos)
Before and During! Can't wait for the after!
Last weekend (6 Photos)
Jordan's Family Foundation (12 Photos)
Wine tasting on Thursday, February 12th,2008
1st LEAF Pick-up (10 Photos)
June 20th at the Lakewood Public Library
Around the Corner's fundraising event to benefit Jordan's Family Foundation (5 Photos)
A fundraising event at Around the Corner to benefit Jordan's Family Foundation. This event includes tips donated by the ATC bartenders and Chinese Auction items and raffles ticktets.
Silent Auction to benefit the Lakewood Animal Shelter (11 Photos)
CCLAS annual fundraising event the "Hair of the Dog" Happy Hour at Sullivans Irish Pub. The Silent Auction benefited the Lakewood Animal Shelter.
Virginia Marti Colle of Art & Design (13 Photos)
2008 VMCAD Student Art Exhibit
Lakewood Historical society Sale on the Grounds Event (10 Photos)
The Lakewood Historical Sale on the Grounds Event took place on Saturday, May 3rd and May 4th. Even a rain soaked weekend could not bargain hunters away! The Sale in the Grounds is one of Lakewood Historical Society's biggest fundraising events.
New Library (6 Photos)
Pictures of the newest phase of the Library renovation.
Hylander (12 Photos)
Players/Lakewood Hospital Benefit (36 Photos)
February 25,2008
Observer Party (12 Photos)
The Debates (20 Photos)
Festival in Madison Park 2007 (39 Photos)
Great Day and Great Event!
Car Kulture Show (65 Photos)
Great Day!! Great Job by everyone!!
Crossing Guards (1 Photos)
Preservation Fund Event (6 Photos)
Lakewoood Historical Society Preservation Fund Event held on July 26th at the Nicholson House.
New Where is it? (1 Photos)
See what you can do with this one?
where is it?? (1 Photos)
Can you guess??
Harding Junior High School (8 Photos)
What is left of Harding Junior High School.
City Council Meeting 7/16/2007 (8 Photos)
Including the viewing of the Birdtown documentary by Grant Elementary student, 4th of July winners and honors.
Lakewood Historical Society Vintage Baseball Game (14 Photos)

The Lakewood Shipwrecks vs the Akron Black Stockings.

The Lakewood Shipwrecks consist of Mike Ballestores, Kevin Butler, Michael Dever, Nancy Jurchenko, Sterge Lazos, Matt Ospelt, Terri Ballestores, Ryan Demro, Jrm, Guetling, Tim Knack, martha Muller Neff and Dr. Estrop and John Hunter as our pitcher.

Infestation of Gypsy Moths (5 Photos)
Please check your trees!! Not only oak but any kind. I have just found out our whole street is infested with Gypsy Moths. This is what they look like. If it has spread into your neighborhood please respond on the thread. It is important that we find out if this has infested all of Lakewood.
Library Gala (114 Photos)
My photos at the Musee de l'Elysee in Switzerland (5 Photos)
Thanks to David Lays' suggestion, several of my photos were featured in the "We Are All Photographers Now!" exhibit at the Musee de l'Elysee in Switzerland. too.

The exhibit runs from February 8th, 2007 to May 20th, 2007.

More information is at
Easter Snow Storm (10 Photos)
Indy and Michael in the Snow
Where is this? (1 Photos)
Where is it? (1 Photos)
Can you find this? (1 Photos)
Rocky River Ice Jam and Aftermath (23 Photos)
March 1, 2007 and March 2nd, 2007
Snowstorm 2007 (29 Photos)
A Cold Day in Lakewood (January 26,2007) (11 Photos)
Lakewood Park and Clifton Beach
Fall Again! (31 Photos)
Fall 2006 (8 Photos)
Huntington Bank New Construction (1 Photos)
October 18,2006
Beck Center News Conference (11 Photos)
October 18th, 2006
Lakewood Alive "Hard Hat" Event (1 Photos)
October 10th, 2006
Block Party on Arlington/Overlook (8 Photos)
September 9th,2006
Madison Park Festival (35 Photos)
September 9th, 2006
Hall House in Danger (1 Photos)
A picture of the Hall House in Danger!
Lakewood Historical Society House Tour and Patron Party Home (10 Photos)
For more information call 221-7374 or
Virginia Avenue Block Party (14 Photos)
Virginia Avenue Block Party to Support Enlisted Military Personnel from Virginia Avenue.(Roland Miranda, US Army Reserves, Tony Marti, US Army, Michael Flynn, Us Army.)
Markers for Mr. Ewings Article (3 Photos)
Lake Road and West Forest
Commercial Filmed in Lakewood (14 Photos)
The Ohio Lottery films commercial on Lake Avenue
Gypsy Moths (2 Photos)
You want to know what they look like!
A walk with the dog 7/23/2006 (13 Photos)
A beautiful sunny warm but not humid day!
Lauren Szabo's pictures of our Hawks (4 Photos)
We have 5 hawks living in Lakewood near several homes. Here are some pictures from my neighbor Lauren Szabo and her friend Lexi Getz. They will both be entering the 7th grade in the fall.
Virginia Marti College of Art & Design 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on July 21, 2006 (29 Photos)
40th Anniversary Celebration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on July 21, 2006
Birdtown as a Historic District (4 Photos)
A community meeting to inform residents on the progress of making Birdtown a Historic District
YMCA in progress (5 Photos)
Putting the glass on the front of the building
A family of Hawks in my backyard (4 Photos)
A family of Hawks is living in a tree in my front yard. They have had 3 babies that we can tell here are two of them.
Vintage Baseball game July 9th, 2006 (29 Photos)
Vintage baseball game sponsored by the Lakewood Historical Society.
4th of July Parade 2006 (137 Photos)
As the rain stopped it began to look like the parade could take place. It was the best parade ever.
May 26.2006 (7 Photos)
Just a walk with the dog!
Lakewood Animal Shelter Fundraiser (15 Photos)
Hair of the dog Happy Hour
May 25,2006
Dentist Ad (2 Photos)
Ad photo for David Lay
News Conference on Cliffs Development (10 Photos)
May 14, 2006
Rehab Professionals of Cleveland Article (0 Photos)
Article by Stephanie Pritts
Rehab Professionals of Cleveland Article (7 Photos)
Article by Stephanie Pritts
Lakewood Alive Meeting (4 Photos)
Mainstreet Presentation
Council Meeting Proclimations (3 Photos)
Second week of May
Salvage at Rosewood (23 Photos)
Tom Barrett was kind enough to let the Lakewood Historical Society salvage all architctural artifacts to sell for it's Sale on the Grounds.

"Big Yellow Taxi" (39 Photos)
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
And a swinging hot SPOT
Don’t it always seem to go
That you don't know what you’ve got
‘Til it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
Lakewood Historical Society Sale on the Grounds (4 Photos)
Volunteers work on the Sale on the Grounds preparation. Sale is May 6th and 7th.
Keep Lakewood Beautiful Leaf and Hummus Sale, April 22, 2006 (10 Photos)
Plus a bit clean up too with New York Life volunteers!
OHAM Meeting April 22, 2006 (13 Photos)
The meeing of northeast Ohio Histoircal Society Museums sponored by the Lakewood Historical Society.
Chamber of Commerce Meeting April 21, 2006 (9 Photos)
Speaker: State of the City address by Mayor Tom George
Groundbreaking of Rosewood Place, April 21, 2006 (25 Photos)
The Groundbreaking of Rosewood Place.
Yes, Virginia it is Spring! (14 Photos)
Views of Spring in Lakewood!
Metroparks on a bright Spring Day (39 Photos)
Volunteers for Lakewood Hospital (22 Photos)
Lakewood Hospital Volunteers in all areas of the Hospital
Volunteers for Kiwanis Club of Lakewood (13 Photos)
A Service Club since 1921. To improve lives through fellowship in service worldwide
Volunteers for LCSC (4 Photos)
Volunteer's article: Lakewood Community Service Corporation
Spring in Lakewood (8 Photos)
Beck Center Choir at St. Peter's Episcopal Church (45 Photos)
The Beck Center for the Arts: Beck Center Children's Choir presents showcase of Choirs at St. Peter's Episcopal Church. This is the Preforming Choir.
Lakewood High School Swimmers (2 Photos)
LHS Swimmers beiing honored at City Council Meeting
Bricks from Garfield School presented to Lakewood Historical Society (1 Photos)
Robert Teitenberg from Regency Conctruction gives Mazie Adams(Director of the Lakewood Historical Soceity) bricks from the original structure of Garfiield School.
Hayes School (42 Photos)
The rebuilding of Hayes School. Pictures taken from August 2005 to present.
Lakewood High School Swim Team (5 Photos)
District and State Qualifiers
Garfield School (42 Photos)
The rebuilding of a school in progress. Many photos of August 2005 to now March 2006
Memorabilia Day (25 Photos)
Historical Artifacts from the Lakewood Historical Society, Police and Fire Department ,Library, The YMCA, Lakewood High School and many others!!
Bella Dubby Art Opening (14 Photos)
Trash and Treasure Show by Artists of Artifactual Creations, Christopher Sweiger and Diogenes Basileas
Local Girl Gallery Opening (11 Photos)
The exhibitions at Local Girl Gallery.
Lakewood Hopsital Cardiac Program (23 Photos)
Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Program Article by Rita Ryland
Valentine's Day at Hixon's (27 Photos)
Exhibition of Vintage Valentines at Hixon's during Valentine's Day
Lakewood Hopsital Volunteers (8 Photos)
Rita Ryland's article on Lakewood Hospital Volunteers
Special Olympics at Winterhurst (30 Photos)
Special Olympics of Greater Cleveland: Speed and Figure Skating Meet: Hosted by: Trinity Special Olympics at Winterhurst Ice Rink.
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