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Veterans Day 2013 (14 Photos)

Annually ... one of my favorite "assignments."

Lakewood Community Festival 2013 (14 Photos)

Food, fun, friends, neighbors ... all the 26th Annual Lakewood Community Festival at Madison Park. 09-07-13

2103 Lakewood Car Kulture Show (27 Photos)
various shot from 2013 Lakewood Car Kulture Dhow
It is easy to be brave from a safe distance. (2 Photos)

While attending the Public Safety Committee meeting held at Fire Station 1 this evening; a call came in. The firefighters quickly and quietly and professionally suited up and were on their way. As their truck pulled out of its bay, I could ...not help but notice what the firefighters left behind ... their shoes ... precisely where they took them off ... waiting to be filled by their respective wearers upon their return. It was a particularly poignant and touching image/moment that the photojournalist in me could not pass up ... and given the events of a day earlier when 19 heroic firefighters perished battled a windblown wildfire in Arizona, I could not help but think that somewhere in Arizona, 19 sets of shoes are (similarly) sitting empty; never to be filled again. We are blessed here in Lakewood (and across this nation and across the world) to be served by dedicated men and women who protect us; people who boldly and knowingly run toward danger. "It is easy to be brave from a safe distance." ~Aesop

Warren Isaac Park - June 2013 (4 Photos)

Lakewood is blessed with quite a number of "pocket parks." Here are a few photos of the Isaac Warren Park - on the northeast corner of Detroit and Warren Roads. From spring through fall, it is maintained by the Lakewood Garden Club.

The Day After (17 Photos)

World-wide media descends on Cleveland to cover yesterday's (May 6) miraculous news!

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