Winter Weather

I was looking at my backyard today and was taken by the frozen lake. I thought it would be cool to take some photos of it. These are the result.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • A shot of Lake Eire with ice on it.I found it very interesting.

  • A picture of Cleveland with the icy lake approaching. I think this is an interesting landscape. I've always dug Cleveland and thought this shot of her makes a neat composition.

  • The final picture I took of the lake on a Thursday afternoon.I'm using this one as wallpaper on my computer. It looks nice on my screen.

  • I went out into my backyard at Lakeshore towers and took some photos of deer footprints. They were stating to melt a little because of the slightly warmer weather.

  • I went out on the 18th to take pics of slightly melted deer footprints. I live at Lakeshore Towers and I'm amazed that deer stiil come around, after the incident here last month.

  • I took a picture of a bluejay in a leafless tree by a cold Lake Eire on Thursday afternoon, the 20th of January. It was the first "jay" I've seen this year.

  • Another photo of a frozen lake.

  • Another scene of frozen Lake Eire.

  • A squirrel in the snow behind my building. I think he was gathering nuts.

  • A small snow devil blowing on the patio of my building.

  • Another cold and windy day in Lakewood. Here is a bit of blowing snow on the patio of my building.

  • Two tall trees during the snow storm on March 11, 2011. It was quite a blizzard. 

  • Snowy trees in front of a building on Edgewater Drive in Lakewood during the snow storm on March 11, 2011.

  • A few of the trees across the street from my building.

  • A snow covered tree in front of my building on March 11, 2011.

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