Virginia Marti

The Virginia Marti College of Art and Design was holding their annual Christmas Window unveiling on the evening of November 23. There were numerous guest and students attending the festivities.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Costume design display at Virginia Marti.

  • Reading to a young visitor.

  • Guests having snacks.

  • Another shot of the snacks provided by Virginia Marti for the guests at the window unveiling.

  • More reading to children.

  • Outside view of the food trays.

  • Members of the Lakewood High School Chamber Choir singing Christmas songs before the unveiling.

  • The Christmas House on display in the Virginia Marti front window.

  • Sarah Hochevar, a Visual Merchandising student at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design.

  • A closeup of the Christmas house in the Virginia Marti front window.

  • A window display.

  • Another window display.

  • A little girl getting tired at Virginia Marti.

  • That little girl playing a peek-a-boo board game.

  • Virginia Marti Visual Merchandising students in front of their creation in the front window of Virginia Marti. This Christmas house was their design.

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