tenent assoc. meeting

The monthly Tenent Association Meeting at Lakeshore Towers on September 14, 2010. The meeting was attended by Lakewood councilwomen Mary Louise Madigan. She is the Ward 4 council, which represent Lakeshore Towers. She has had many complaints from the building and came to find out what's wrong. She listened to tenant complaints and discovered communication problems with management. She said she can't give legal advise because she isn't a lawyer, but gave good suggestions to the people about what they can do to help solve these problems.

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  • Councilwomen Mary Louise Madigan at the begining of the Lakeshore Towers Monthly Tenant Meeting.

  • Councilwomen Madigan listening to questions from tenants.

  • Tenant Association President David Hess taking questions from the tenants in the ballroom at Lakeshore Towers.

  • Another picture of the crowd at the Tenant Association meeting on September 14.

  • One more picture of tenants listening to councilwoman Madigan.

  • Councilwomen Mary Louise Madigan and Tenant Association President David Hess at the close of the meeting.

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