Tenant Meeting 1/4/11

A tenant meeting was held January 4, 2011 at Lakeshore Towers. It was attended by two Lakewood Councilwoman and a representative from Clevelands Tenant's Organization. The meeting was to introduce new tenant candidates, as well as having the current tenant members present.

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  • Gwen Lykes, Advocate/Organizer of the The Cleveland Tenants Organization. She attended the Tenant Association meeting at Lakeshore Towers on the evening of January 4, 2011.

  • David Hess, current president of the Lakeshore Towers tenant association.

  • Audience photo 1.

  • Audience photo 2.

  • Audience photo 3.

  • Audience photo 4.

  • Audience photo 5.

  • Desi Larrabee, lady running for Lakeshore Towers Tenant Association presidency.

  • Dee Carpenter, current Lakeshore Towers Tenants Association Vice President.

  • June Wilkinson, running for Vice President at Lakeshore Towers.

  • Jan Javorski, candident for secretary.

  • Joan Brown, secretary candident.

  • Monique Smith, new councilperson at Large in Lakewood.

  • Mary Louise Madigan, precinct 4 councilperson in Lakewood.

  • Monique Smith [l], and Mary Louise Madigan [r], Lakewood council representatives, at the start of the Tenants Association meeting.

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