september, 2011

Lake photos

(click photo to enlarge)

  • lake gulls flying
  • lake waves looking like the ocean
  • another lake wave
  • another pic of an air force thunder bird at the air show
  • more shots of the air force thunder birds

  • more shots of the air force thunder birds

  • Ivor with Lakewood Councilman for Ward 1, David Anderson. It was pointed out that Lakewood's Wars One, is not just the home of the Emerlad Canyon, and the Emerald Canyon Historic District, The Gerogetown Area, Lakewood's Port Authority, some of Lakewood's finest restaurants, live theaters and niteclubs. But also the ward with the best fishing in the best suburb in Cuyahoga County, in the Best Suburb 2 years in a row. Ward 1 rules!

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