Recess Rocks

Recess Rocks is a chance for kids to try a number of different sports. Soccer and basketball are the most popular.

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  • Bacari Montgomery [left], a seasonal associate and Steve Thiel [right], a marketing intern, both from the Cavs, They were helping kids shoot basketballs at Recess Rocks at Lakewood Park on September 26, 2010.

  • Children playing in the little playground in  Lakewood Park during Recess Rocks on Sunday the 26th.

  • Mitch Robiba, program director for the Lakewood Recreation Department at his table at Recess Rocks.

  • The Cleveland Cavalirs reps at Recess Rocks.

  • Vladimir Godosem, the J.V. Soccer coach for Lakewood High School, showing children how to kick soccer balls at Recess Rocks at Lakewood Park.

  • The Cleveland Gladiators mascot at Recess Rocks, meeting children and parents on Sunday, the 26th.

  • Boys playing basketball during Recess Rocks at Lakewood Park on September 26, 2010.

  • One of the teachers getting dunked at Recess Rocks on September 26th.

  • Walter Wielkiewicz, of Lakewood Maintenance, cleaning up at Recess Rocks on the 26th.

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