jack mizenko

Jack Mizenkom playing with his band at the Root Cafe on Monday, August 2. With Jack is Mark Ronan, in the red shirt and Tim Askin in the beige t-shirt. They were playing classic rock on string guitars and a mandolin. Jack plays at the Root Cafe every Monday, starting at 8 p.m. He puts on a great show .

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  • Jack Mizenko and Carl Ronan playing at the Root Cafe.

  • Jack Mizenko soloing at the Root.

  • Tim Askin singing at the Root Cafe.

  • Mark Ronan, Jack Mizenko and Tim Askin playing songs at the Root Cafe.

  • Mark Ronan and Jeff Mizenko harmonizing.

  • Jack Mizenko and Tim Askin at work on a song at the root.

  • Tim Askin singing a classic Neal Young song, The Needle and the Damage Done, at the Root on Monday.

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