Flea Market

The annual Flea Market held at Lakeshore Towers on October 9, 2010. These are shots of some of the tenants selling items during the Market.

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Left to right. Four ladies from Lakeshore Towers at the annual Flea Market. They are Dawn, Pam, Sarah and Charlotte. They seemed to be doing well at the Market

  • Three tenants of Lakeshore Towers in discussion at the Flea Market. They are Dee, Dave and Chris. Mary Francis is in the background.

  • Charlene at her table at the annual Lakeshore Towers Flea Market. Sharon in waving in the background.

  • Shirley by the door at her table at the Flea Market On October 9, 2010. 

  • Dorthy at her table at the Flea Market.

  • Lynn counting money at her table at the Lakeshore Towers Flea Market on Saturday, the 9th of October.

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