choral symposium

Lakewood High School and Mentor High School conducted a Choral Symposium at Lakewood High School on October 19, 2010. The singing was outstanding, and so was the orchestra of violins, a cello and keyboard. There was also some piano music done for the Mentor High school choir.

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  •  Audience at the end of the concert.

  • Audience again.

  • Lakewood and Mentor choir members at the end of the concert.

  • A member of the Mentor  choir, in black, and a Lakewood choir member at the end of the concert.

  • The Lakewood Choir Director, Lisa Hanson, thanking the audience at the end of the Symposium. She also thanked Friends of Lakewood for providing the wonderful meal for the choirs before the Symposium, held on October 19, 2010.

  • Lakewood soloists.

  • Mentor soloists.

  • The combined Lakewood and Mentor High School Choirs singing at the Symposium.

  • A Lakewood Soloist.

  • The Mentor High School Choir singing at the Symposium.

  • The pianist for the Mentor High School Choir.

  • Lakewoods Mens Quartet singing at the Symposium. They were very good.

  • Lisa Hanson, the lakewood Choir Director leading the Lakewood High School Choir Ensemble.

  • The combined Lakewood and Mentor High Schools Choirs rehearsing before the Symposium, led by Lisa Hanson, Choir Director of Lakewood High Scholl.

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